hi! this website is closed. i’m excited to announce that i’ll be re-opening in september 2018 at naomi.se (exact date TBA).

i can be found at instagram.com/naominowak - raintower.etsy.com - patreon.com/naominowak

i am not closing my business, just re-opening under my own name instead of raintower which was a beast largely run together with karin öst, to whom i owe very much  

this site was up for three years ( 2015 - 2018 ). it was a BLAST and a wonderful learning experience. i loved every minute, even the challenges, and i feel extremely grateful to my dear customers! you are the best, not just because you choose to support me but because you care about co-existing with nature, not exhausting resources, not perpetuating pollution, human rights violations and climate change.

i’m devoted as ever to being an alternative to fast fashion and thoughtless consumerism and will continue to advocate on social media and through my new website.

♥♥♥ xoxoxo ♥♥

contact: info@naomi.se

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