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☽ ☛ About this item:

Oversize fine quality cotton tote with one large pocket in the front, one huge middle container, and three small pockets in the back. Each side pocket ties closed with ribbons. The perfect bag for a roaming traveller whether your playground is the globe or the local countryside.

Pure, vintage cotton from hand embroidered pillow cases.

Please note that the exact pattern of embroidery/lace and the hues of dye will vary as this is hand dyed — no two will be exactly alike. Pictured first is the light grey version, then the dark grey version. These colours are only samples and may vary as each dye gives a slightly different result.

☽ ☛ Size:

The tote bag measures ca 63,5 cm / 25 inches across and is 48 cm / 18.5 inches in height excluding the straps. The measurements vary slightly too, up to an inch in height and width.

☽ ☛ Washing instructions:

Item is machine washable and has been laundered at 60 degrees C (140 degrees F) after the dyeing process to ensure color durability. Wash separately the first couple of times, after that with similar colors. (30-40 C, 90-100 F).

This item has a long shipping time due to scarcity of material ! thankyou for waiting patiently.  Ships in ca 8 weeks.


dear customer! please note that raintower garments are made using recycled textile exclusively. this means their look may vary slightly. for full details see our shop policies. to read about how recycled textile is different from organic cotton or recycled fibre click here.
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