[ready to ship] OOAK M pale faerie // sweatshirt

$75.00 inc.Vat (EU) | $60.00 ex.VAT (non EU)

pale on pale fae – light wash blue. sweatshirt material with perfect vintage feel — please note some light discolouration / fabric irregularity. hand dyed, one of a kind.





this garment is original one of a kind, ready made and ready to ship exactly as seen in the photos.




raintower garments are made with soft and stretchy cotton jersey which flatters most body types. unsure of your size? guidelines here.

this garment is ready to ship .


dear customer! please note that raintower garments are made using recycled textile exclusively. this means their look may vary slightly. for full details see our shop policies. to read about how recycled textile is different from organic cotton or recycled fibre click here.

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