Cloven Pine // Silver Ring



In one version of Arthurian legend the sorceress Nimue vanquishes Merlin by magically trapping him in a hollow tree (or sometimes a forest of mists, visible to Merlin himself as a tower). But Merlin is a great wizard; not dead or powerless just biding his time and destined to return to the human realm. This is thought to have inspired Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ where Ariel spends twelve years inside a cloven pine, imprisoned by the fearsome witch Sycorax and later rescued into Prospero’s service.

This ring is a symbol of inner force and dormant magic patiently waiting for awakening and release.

Hand sculpted by Naomi and cast in sterling silver.

Different finishes can be done upon request — including high gloss untarnished silver or entirely blackened.

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Waiting time for this ring is estimated to 6 weeks at this point.

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