Castle Ruins



ca 8.3 × 11.7 inch (A4) or 11.7 x 16.5 (A3) art print.

The original is a watercolor/pencil piece. Unlimited edition, matte paper, signed on the back.



About this piece

“Finding solace away from crumbling castle walls, the fresh and stingy smell of wild weeds contrasting the mire of cities and relationships.

My original inspiration for this was the raven-like masks worn by healers in the middle ages, where the raven’s “beak” was filled with aromatic herbs, supposedly protecting the wearer from contagion. It turned into a less literal version of that, but the idea is still nature’s protection; it’s a dark mood but a hopeful message, and there are glimmers amongst the petals.

The plague doctor’s mask might contain dried flowers – rose, carnation, posies, as well as fragrant herbs – mint, rosemary, thyme and camphor. ” – Naomi



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A4, A3