story & process

I've been a painter, graphic novelist and illustrator my whole life. Being creative by nature I've also always loved sewing and creating clothes and jewels for myself; I learned skills like sewing, mending garments, knit and crochet (as well as the nearly lost art of sock darning) from my grandmothers and great grandmother at a very young age. Raintower is a synchronization of inbuilt creativity taught to me in a family culture of recycling and reinventing, skills that were once necessary for immediate survival.

Raintower carries that legacy in creating garments and jewels using material that would otherwise be discarded. This isn't seasonal, trend-based fashion, but a continuously growing and evolving collection in a timeless and unique style which can be worn all year round.

Raintower clothes and jewels often begin in the same place my paintings or drawings do - by wishing a vision in my mind existed in the material world. I experiment with fabric textures, colours and dyes and many of my garment designs come about organically just like a piece of art.

My initial designs and ideas are then filtered through the extensive knowledge of pattern construction from my seamstress Karin (who has taught me much!) to create something which translates from dream to reality.

Raintower's jewellery line is also an extension of this organic process; I look to a lifetime of painting and drawing skills and adapt them into three dimensional versions of my art. I first create tiny wax sculptures, patiently carved to the exact size and design as the intended jewel, using precise tools and files. These little wax models are then set in moulds and used to cast the jewelry using the ‘lost wax’ method. I use either sterling silver or bronze metal; and after cleaning and polishing the finished piece it's sometimes set with gemstones and crystals.

While in my younger years I never thought my interest in sewing and fashion would become part of my livelihood and life's work, I have endless wonder, gratitude and appreciation for my customers around the world who collect and wear my designs. To do what you love is the ultimate happiness.